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What Does Your Website Do To Increase Sales?

fantastic-edge-web-designIf you’re like most small business owners, you may think by just having a website it will generate leads for you. The truth is, most sites, as well-designed as they may be, do little or nothing to capture leads. All of our clients’ websites include:

  • High Powered Content Management System – Updating your site has never been easier.
  • Easy integration with Social Media sites – Display your content from Flickr and YouTube, easily share site updates with your Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
  • Built-in SEO – All pages are already coded for easy search engine optimization.
  • Easy integration with our Edge Sender Email Marketing System – This optional service will double the number of leads your website captures and converts into paying customers, with automated follow-up functions that keep your business top-of-mind.

Adaptive Web Design

What makes a website responsive or adaptive? It’s the ability to automatically re-size to the screen of the device your customer is using, whether it be a laptop, desktop, tablet, or other mobile device.


See Examples & Test Sites For Adaptive Design Here

Fantastic Edge has put together a Responsive Web Design Test that demonstrates how a website may appear on a variety of devices and in different orientations. To try it out, make sure you’re on a desktop or laptop computer, go to the site, and use the device icons across the top of the page to show desktop, tablet, and smartphone layouts.


>> Click here to try it out (link will open in a new window/ tab).

Learn How To Get Started

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