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Influencer Marketing – Finding The Right Influencer For Your Content

The right influencer can make all the difference in your content marketing campaign. An influencer can help you reach a larger audience, get more brand engagement, and improve your search engine rankings. Influencer marketing addresses many of the current challenges of content marketing and should be on your radar. The hardest part ...Read More

Behavior Analysis and Digital Marketing

Customer demographics paint a very small window into buyer behavior. Does knowing the age of a customer tell you how often they buy your products? Does knowing their gender tell you what kind of items they’re interested in? While certain industries have age and gender correlations, most don’t. Even if they do, ...Read More

How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Local SEO

  Most small businesses are starting to understand the importance of local SEO. With competition from local and national companies, anything you can do to help drive more customers to your brand should be considered. After all, it’s reported that 60% of all organic clicks go to the top 3 organic search ...Read More

5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Infographic

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for ways to differentiate their marketing. One of the biggest trends, in recent years, has been to create high-quality traffic on a business’ website and use that content to attract visitors. With everyone and their mother blogging, it’s becoming more important to ...Read More