Though unpopular with some users because of its lack of security and
standards compliance, Outlook Express is the world’s most prolific email
client. All users of Microsoft Windows have access to a version of it.

Setting Up Outlook Express

Instructions for setting up Outlook Express will appear here.

Open Outlook Express.

From the Tools menu, select Accounts:

Outlook express01.png

Click the Add button and select the Mail… option:

Outlook express02.png

Type your name in the space provided, and click the Next button:

Outlook express03.png

Type in email address you are creating the account for, and click the Next button:

Outlook express04.png

Choose either POP3 or IMAP in the drop-down box and then fill in the incoming and outgoing mail server information. Both will be mail. followed by your domain name. Click the Next button when you are done:

Outlook express05.png

LASTLY, if you are using IMAP, tell Outlook Express that your IMAP folder name is Inbox – or nothing will work.

Type your full email address (e.g. the whole thing) in the space provided for Account Name. You no longer need to use something like m9999999 like the example shown in the screenshot. Type in your password, check the Remember password checkbox, and click the Next button:

Outlook express06.png

Click the Finish button:

Outlook express07.png

Make sure the new account is highlighted, and click the Properties button:

Outlook express08.png

On the Servers tab, put a check by My server requires authentication:

Outlook express09.png

Click the Apply button and close the Internet Accounts window. Outlook Express is now setup to send and receive email.

Make sure you read this:

SMTP Port 587 is the alternate for (blocked) port 25

On the Advanced tab, change port 25 to 587, if your ISP blocks port 25.