Team Management Now Available In Edge Sender

If you work as part of a team to manage email marketing campaigns, you’ll be glad to hear Fantastic Edge’s email marketing software, Edge Sender, now supports full team management with more flexible permissions and workflow control, making it easy for teams large and small to collaborate on their email marketing.

Better team management has been at the top of our customer request pile for a long time now, and we poured over every last bit of your feedback in shaping this release. We have lots of different people using our system in different ways, so flexibility was a big part of the brief. As usual, this had to be balanced with an elegant, easy to use interface that made it simple to manage. We’re really happy with how it all came together. Here are some of the highlights:

Multiple People Managing Your Account

It’s now easy to add multiple people to your account with total control over exactly what they can and can’t manage. This opens up a whole world of possibilities depending on how you use Edge Sender. Here’s how it looks in your account:

Give multiple people access to your account with custom permissions

We’ve also been sure to migrate any of your existing permissions across to this new multi-person model behind the scenes, so there’s nothing you need to change or update.

More Flexible Permissions

You might have noticed in the screenshot above that we’ve added a number of highly requested new permissions to give you more flexibility. Here are some of the highlights:

People who can create campaigns, but not send them

We’ve had loads of requests for this one. You can now set up more flexible workflow restrictions for people within a client. For example, a person can now import their own designs, create email campaigns and run tests to make sure everything looks great, but can’t actually send the campaign. Another person on the team can then jump in, review the pending campaign and then approve it for delivery.

You can now manage your own templates

We have a lot of users that have other designers create their email templates. Previously you had to do all the template management for them, or give them your personal login info to upload the template files. The new “build or import their own templates” permission means they can now manage their own templates and use our popular template builder to create their own designs. The template builder is even a great option for those less savvy clients that still want to take more control of their template designs.

You manage your own team

If you’re working in a team environment, it can be tricky figuring our who to give access to your company’s email marketing account. Now you can can easily add and remove new team members, including managing their permissions.

New Privacy Mode

Ever want to give someone access to view reports, but not expose private information like your subscriber’s email addresses, or even more sensitive data. Privacy mode is perfect for providing account access to contractors, third parties or team members that are on a need-to-know basis.

Simply uncheck the “showing subscriber details” option, and we’ll show a higher level version of your campaign reports that prevents that person from drilling down and looking at individual subscriber actions or data.

Simple, Secure Invite System

We built the entire team management system on top of a simple, secure invite system which makes it easy to add new team members without ever ever exposing passwords. Each team member can set and change their own password at any time, and an administrator (or person with the right permissions) can revoke access with a single click.

Simple invite system lets people set their own passwords.

You might also notice we’ve dropped usernames altogether, and everyone can now login using their email address and password. Your old usernames will also continue to work, but they are no longer required for any new people you add to your account. We’re also enforcing slightly stricter password requirements from now on.

User can now log in with their email address

To learn more about how Edge Sender can help you grow your small business, or to sign up for a free account, click here.

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