Use This Hidden YouTube Link To Increase Subscribers

Using this link will help you acquire new subscribers

Using this link will help you acquire new channel subscribers

Does your business have its own YouTube channel? Video marketing is a powerful tool to help grow your business online, and here’s an easy way to drastically increase your subscriber count.

YouTube actually has a hidden URL that shows a subscription pop-up box automatically when you link to your channel (from your blog, email campaign, etc.).

The link is:

(NOTE: Make sure you put your actual YouTube channel username at the end of this link. For example, our username is fantasticedge, so our link is

Here’s how it will look when someone clicks this link:


(Note: You won’t see this on your own channel if you’re logged in to your account)

Want to try it out? Click here to subscribe to Fantastic Edge Marketing’s YouTube channel.

When a user actually clicks that Subscribe button, your video content will start showing up in the feed on their YouTube home screen.

Want to be notified via email whenever a channel you like posts a new video? Check out your Subscription Manager screen.

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