Where Offline & Online Marketing Meet

blog_onoffline_tnAt Fantastic Edge Marketing, our primary focus is online marketing tips and strategies. However, it’s still important to use traditional, offline marketing to promote your business as well. In fact, your promotions will be most effective when the two are made to work together. Relying on just one or the other could choke a potentially strong marketing campaign.

For example, we recently met with the owner of a Pilates studio who is looking to attract new clients. For an upcoming summer promotion, they want a lot of people to register for classes to get the ultimate ‘lean beach body’. They’re going to send out a direct mail piece that gives a 20% off discount to new members (print advertising).

Ideally, this postcard should have a strong call to action directing readers to go to a landing page on their site (e.g., www.websiteurl.com/beachbody). The landing page contains further information regarding to the promotion, and can even have a class sign up right on the page. This helps to gauge the effectiveness of the print piece, which otherwise may be very difficult to track.

Then, they’ll send out an email blast to their current client base for the ‘bring a friend’ discount. Since this promotion is only available to members of the studio’s email list, it encourages clients to sign up for the mailing list (email marketing).

They’ll post the information to their company’s Facebook page and Twitter profile as well (social media marketing). Additionally, a press release (online publicity) can be written and submitted to various online press release distribution sites to help spread the word.

These are just a few examples of different offline and online ads that can work together to help grow your business. To be successful, your message must be consistent across all the different types of ads used.


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