Article Marketing Guidelines

blog_articlemarketingtnWe know getting backlinks to our site is very important for SEO. One of the best ways to get backlinks to your site is through article marketing. When you write an article, it also helps to establish you as an expert in your industry. You should follow some guidelines to make sure your article marketing campaign is effective.

  1. Your article content must be unique: Search engines can tell when you submit the same content in several places. We refer to this as “duplicate content penalty”. Links inside a duplicate content article aren’t nearly as effective as a link inside a unique article.
  2. Use your keywords to link to your site: You’ll recall a major factor for ranking highly for your keyword phrase is to have lots of backlinks using that keyword phrase. These links must be spread throughout your article so that it looks natural to the search engines. If it looks fake to you, you can bet Google will pick up on it!
  3. Get links from related sites: These “on topic” links appear to hold more value than “off topic” links. For example, a link to your auto mechanic site from another automotive care site is going to be more relevant than a link from a yoga website.
  4. Your goal should be to get lots of links! Quality is important, but so is quantity! Always make sure that you’re getting a decent number of backlinks for the amount of effort you put into producing the article. Spending an hour on an article only to get a couple backlinks is not an effective use of your marketing time.

If you’ve tried a bit of article marketing through article directories, you’ll know that it can be a good way of getting a brief surge in traffic to your site and some longer-lasting benefit from the backlinks. Are you using article marketing as part of your online marketing efforts?

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