Video Marketing Ideas

blog_videomarketingMarketing with video is a great method of content advertising. Videos let you get those words off a static page and turn them into a new and interesting strategy to interact with your customers and prospects. The best videos are brief (any where from thirty seconds to a couple minutes) and target one primary point. Individuals are only going to offer you so much of their time and attention, so your video needs to deliver from the get-go. Excellent video marketing doesn’t require a Hollywood budget and film crew; you can create excellent content material with your computer’s web cam or a small camera and a tripod (or useful colleague).

The hardest part with video marketing, or content marketing in general, is coming up with educational and intriguing topics for your target audience.

Here’s a few areas to search for video content inspiration:

Power point Presentations

A fast as well as simple strategy to produce a video clip is simply to record a voice-over over an old Powerpoint demonstration. Some pcs come with a built-in mic, but acquiring an external microphone isn’t very costly. Give the presentation you provided whenever you originally utilized the Power point, just record and overlay it!


The next time you present a web seminar, determine if the company hosting the webinar allows for you to record it. You can split the web seminar up into smaller sections and publish them online periodically.


If you’re tight on ideas, take a moment with a fellow member of your company for a short meeting. Ask them about the company’s products and services, what the company can achieve for consumers and where the business is going. An interview can go a long way in humanizing an organization.

How To or Instructional Videos

Chances are there is somebody out there who has bought your product and realized they have no idea just how to make use of it. A how-to video is a good way to introduce your product to your audience, in addition to provide customer solutions for those who have purchased it. How-to videos can even rank on the internet whenever someone is seeking information on your product or other related searches.


The Vp of Marketing might have given a presentation at a current business convention, and you’ve got a relevant video duplicate of it. Cut that presentation into 2 or 3 minutes videos and you’ll have many months worth of content to utilize.

Consumer Inquiries

Matt Cutts of Google actually does this all the time. He answers an issue regarding Google’s algorithm, ranking policy plus more by making a video. In the event that you get asked the same inquiries again and again, a relevant video is actually a quick way to help those consumers.

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