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What You Need to Know About Permission

Make sure you have permission to email the people you add to your lists. It's not only the policy for our email marketing system Edge Sender, it's the law. ...Read More

Creating and Using List Segments

Learning how to create and use list segments is crucial to managing your subscribers and ensuring they get the right message at the right time. ...Read More

Where Offline & Online Marketing Meet

It's still important to use both offline and online marketing to promote your business, and your promotions will be most effective when the two are made to work together. ...Read More

Understanding Email Open Rates

Email open rates can vary depending on numerous factors. Learn what they are, and how you can increase your open rates. ...Read More

3 Free Ways to Get Going with Social Media

Over 75% of consumers use social media. By implementing these free social media elements in your marketing, you'll be amazed at the raving fans waiting for you. ...Read More