How To Easily Add A YouTube Subscribe Button To Your Site

Previously, the only way to subscribe to a YouTube channel was on the main site. Now, any website owner can easily embed a YouTube subscribe button almost anywhere on their own site, giving your visitors a shortcut to subscribe directly to your video channel. Here’s how it’s done:

1) Go to the Google Developer Tools page to get the code.

2) Decide which of the design options will look best on your site. Your choices are as follows:


3) Enter your channel name (for example: ‘fantasticedge’ is the channel name for our channel at, chose the layout (as seen in the above screenshot), and whether you want the default (light) or dark theme. See the fields highlighted in yellow below:

Add YouTube Subscribe button

4) Copy the code in the box under the preview, and embed it into your website or blog.

We’re glad to see that Google has made it even easier for video content creators to get more channel subscribers. If you need help setting up a YouTube subscribe button on your website, click here to contact us.

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