Overcome Writer’s Block


Consistently providing fresh content to your audience is at the core of many internet marketing activities. Whether you’re writing a blog post, article, or even a tweet, we all struggle with what to write on occasion. Luckily, you can use the power of the interwebs to help!

1. Become Inspired

Staring at the word processor on your screen won’t do much in the way of helping you come up with ideas. If you’re stuck in an office, why not take a virtual break over at YouTube? Check out some zen video- waves crashing or other nature sounds.

Music helps, it’s generally best to try something without lyrics, which have a tendency to distract a lot of people. Head over to Pandora, and create a classical, or jazz station.

Images can work as well. Go to Flickr, input a keyword and hit the slideshow option at the top-right. Let your mind wander as you look through the images.

2. Developing Ideas

If idea generation is the problem, looking over your old, similar work (especially the successful stuff) is a worthwhile exercise.

“Brainstorming” software can also help develop loose ideas into something concrete by giving structure to your thought process. Bubbl.us is a good example of such a tool done right — it is so simple to use you can concentrate on your ideas rather than how to use the software.

For those who prefer to draw freehand, as well as create flowcharts, then DabbleBoard might be best for you. It also lets you upload images and documents and you can even share your screen with others.

3. Social Media

Two brains are better than one. And 10 are better than two. If you are really stuck, why not reach out to your social circle? Whether it’s fact or opinion-based help from Q&A services such as Quora or Aardvark or a quick bit of crowdsourcing on Twitter or Facebook, your online buddies are there to help — just as you’d assist them in return.

If you’re lucky enough to have longer term collaborator(s), you can always use software to help the feedback process. Check out Wridea– you can note down, categorize and search your ideas on the web service and then share them with friends for feedback.

What techniques do you use to overcome writer’s block?

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